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Template discussion (to be deleted later)

gerdami @leiger: A problem to be solved: iftags inside [[cell]] inside ListPages is not rendered while it works within _template
leiger @gerdami: I don't think iftags has ever worked from a template :( Think the only way I ever got around this (bug?) was to name the tags exactly as I wanted the message to appear. Will try something in the sandbox though,that might work..

leiger again: Just a thought… maybe this is being looked at completely wrong? Do we actually need to use tags to set the status? If we just make this simpler, and use text (which if handled properly can be used to show an image as well) we'd do two things. (1) make it actually work on the front page and (2) make the whole list a lot easier for new users to understand how to use it. A new user won't want to edit the page to change "comments" then have to save the page, and scroll down to click on tags just to change "status". they want it all in the one spot!

leiger: There, done. Though you have a file on snow:_start called nok.pnk … which should be nok.png — which is why that image isn't working (yet) =)

pieterh: someday I hope to have tag buttons to avoid that annoying 'click tags, enter text, save' process.

gerdami again: what's this strange way of discussing something ?. [[iftags]] perfectly works within tables within _template. The bug is with ListPages. I agree that the workaround with field equal to icon's name but the [[iftag]] should work within tables within ListPages !
gerdami again(2): the tag system is good because you can click on linked tags and have the same page refreshed with only the "ok" or "nok" pages.

leiger @gerdami @pieterh: What we need is tags editable in the actual edit window. Something pieter mentioned a week or two ago… if we can edit tags in the actual edit window using meta data, then we can simply have the user type in "ok" and then up the top set meta data as tags="%%content{2}%%" on the _template page … doing the same for things like parents, etc would be VERY powerful =)

Sept 5, 2009
Ed Johnson: Gerdami invited me to take a closer look to see if what I did on Conway's Irish Gifts might work well here. One thing I did that might help is to get away from the use of iftags and use %%_tags%% for the status icon. This would require renaming the images from ok.png to _ok.png, etc.
This block in the snow:_template:

[[iftags +_ok]][[image snow:_start/ok.png]][[/iftags]]
[[iftags +_nok]][[image snow:_start/nok.png]][[/iftags]]
[[iftags +_warning]][[image snow:_start/warning.png]][[/iftags]]
[[iftags +_unknown]][[image snow:_start/unknown.png]][[/iftags]]

could be replaced with:
[[image snow:_start/%%_tags%%.png]]

The down side is that multiple hidden tags could break this. Having the ability to add tags via a button click would go a long way to making this template more user friendly and allow the tag control needed to use this method safely.

I think implementing the cool list pages technique that Erich developed would also work well with this type of site. Beyond that, I'm not sure I have much more to offer. :)

Ed Johnson: OK, I set up a test page with Erich's ListPages trick and my image trick using the status tags. See snow2:start and snow2:_template.
I don't understand the need for the NewPage module that adds pages without assigning any status tags? I pulled it from my test page.
I agree, this is a strange way to discuss this project!

@Ed Johnson: Thanks !

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