Why snow-template

This is an attempt to show how http://snowleopard.wikidot.com could have been designed to avoid multiple concurrent editing of one single simple table hosted on one single wikidot page.


  • one page per application & version
  • four create page buttons which set the category to snow:, the parent to main:start and the management tag as follows
  • applications tagged with _ok, _nok, _warning, _unknown in order to display the related icon and to allow filtering
  • applications tagged with normal tags to categorise the applications


  • since [[iftags]] does not work within [[table]] within ListPages, separate="false", the ListPages is set within the main:_template itself
  • the table is generated by ListPages, the table header which is inside snow:_include-table-header is shared by main:_template but also by snow:_template
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